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Lucky, Unlucky and Forever Grateful

on February 11, 2017

Friends. The family we choose. The ones who are there for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Got one? Be glad. Be grateful. And beware of . . .

That friend who makes you laugh so hard you pee a little.

We know the one. We have inside jokes. Sometimes literally just a simple word will get off the giggles. “Folders.” Yes, that friend. The one that makes you smile when you see the name on the text notification. The one whose picture on your phone is probably something ridiculous. The one who makes you laugh uncontrollably but who also is . . .

That friend who makes you cry.

Yup, unlucky. The one who speaks truth into your life. The one who embodies poignancy. The one who will let you know with a gentle tone that you need to get yourself in check. The one who finds the perfect timing to tell the story of that beautiful, heart-wrenching moment because that friend is . . .

The friend  who knows your story.

We often take for granted the fact that our parents knew us. Really know us. Know how we went through an awkward stage or twenty, know how we were not always the person we are now, know all of it. They walk our broken paths with us. But when they’re gone, much of our story is left to a memory that shouldn’t be this bad at our age. Whelp, there goes that story. Except that, hopefully, you do have that friend, that friend who has also walked with you, who knows your story. Who could truly embarrass you – knock you down completely – with the mention of a moment, who remembers you at your worst, and yet is . . .

The friend who loves you anyway.

For this, we should be the most grateful. It is good to reminisce. It is fun to realize that laughing so hard we pee our pants is a real thing. I actually enjoy being reminded of the special moments that maybe do tug at my heartstrings. And the one who loves me despite my brokenness, despite my jagged edge of a story, despite my awful moments that would get tucked away and die a slow death of forgetfulness if left to my devices (despite my inability to hold my bladder) is a gift. The friend who is all friends: friend for a reason, friend for a season, friend for a lifetime. For that, I am so very grateful. I hope you all have that friend. If you do, count yourself lucky, unlucky and forever grateful. If you don’t, consider being that friend to someone else. And be thankful for the opportunity.


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