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Through the Eyes of the Bully

on September 8, 2016

He woke up that morning with (dirty mattress, no breakfast, a beating) and got ready for school. He maybe had help finding his backpack, probably didn’t. The field trip form wasn’t getting signed because he (looked disrespectful, didn’t eat all of his dinner, washed the dishes wrong), and lunch money was hanging in the balance as well. Does he deserve to eat? He certainly hasn’t earned the right to have a better lunch than they have.


He heads off to school without the medication that keeps him balanced. You see, there was no money for it because they spent it on (cigarettes, liquor, a night out for themselves). Besides, kids should be able to just suck it up and respect those in charge. They didn’t need any damned medicine to help them (sit, think, have only one voice in their head telling them what to do).


At school, he is greeted by kids who are kids. These kids play like kids do. They argue over a team placement or spot in line. Kids are kids, after all. Kids see a wrong, and they right it the only way they know how. He (yells, punches, shoves). It’s what is done to him when he has wronged them with a messy room or a broken glass.


The teacher talks to him. The voices that tell him he is (stupid, worthless, not enough) overpower hers. They tell him that it is his job and his job only to make things right. The kind voice of the adult who cares, who loves, who wants to help, is drowned out. He nods because at home, it’s what makes the beatings less intense. The voices have taught him to look compliant, to make plans to take care of it.


The cries from outraged victims shout out (punish, suspend, expel). Logical. Remove the problem. But I ask you this: who removes his problem? Will it be (jail cell, gun in the hands of an angry parent, coffin)? Who helps him find his way? He is a child. He is a victim of learned behavior that is holding him captive. His heart is not the meanness that is uncontrollably spewing out of his body.


They all need an advocate: the greedy, the pansies, the worthless, the weaklings, the lost. We have all been every one of those in someone’s eyes at some point in our lives. Some of us were just more fortunate than others that it wasn’t the label that shaped us and made us into who we are today.


Protect your child, but don’t throw away another in the process. Love the unlovable and maybe change a life.




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