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Bible Study: It Does a Body Good

on August 15, 2014

Gotta Get My Fix
I will confess that I am a project junkie. I love knowing there is a definable beginning, middle and end of a task. What a nice feeling to push and push, knowing that an end is in sight. And oh, when that project is done – what a rush! What a feeling of accomplishment! That sigh of relief. That proverbial pat on the back that says, “Good job!” It makes the difficulties found in starting the project or in the sometimes seemingly endless and tedious portions in the middle all worth it. I will also confess that once the project is done and the momentum is gone, finding the energy to begin again is difficult. I resist because I know how much work it was to get to where I got on the last one.

We Have to Start Again?
So here we are with the start of a new year. A new study. A new chance. I guess my pitfall is going to be treating my study, each week, each lesson, as a project in and of itself, when it is so much more than that. Each week, each lesson is a mile marker in the project we have all undertaken to be new in Christ. And yes, it is a project. With a middle that is our life here on earth and an end that is more than we could ever imagine: the ultimate sigh of relief, the most amazing sense of accomplishment and the biggest pat on the back we could ever conceive: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” The words we all hope to hear from the God that gave us this project, this opportunity to have an earthly beginning, an earthly middle and a heavenly completion.

It’s All About the Process
So l propose to embrace the fact that each lesson in each bible study is worth it, that each week gives us a chance to feel that much better when we’re done here on earth, that growing in our walk with God is worth the effort it will take to not only start, but continue and complete as part of the bigger project that is the most important one we will ever take on.


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